Detox & Preventative

Tranquil Touch in Amherst, NY, offers several services designed to remove the build-up of toxic substances from your body. These toxins can lead to a compromised immune system and an onslaught of illnesses. Each treatment will not only relieve symptoms, prevent future illness, and enhance wellbeing, but they will also leave you feeling refreshed, renewed, and rejuvenated.

Ionized Foot Detox

Over a series of sessions, this foot detox can cleanse your body of toxins. Your feet will be placed in water with a positive ionic charge. Negative ions in the body are attracted to the positive ones in the water, pulling heavy metals and other toxins out of your body through your feet. This treatment has been shown to decrease pain and lower cholesterol levels.

Ionized Foot Detox $30/30 minutes

Will I be completely detoxed after 1 visit?

A full detox is a total of 14 visits, typically once a week for 30-60 minutes but not more than once every 3 days.

What can I expect to feel during and after my foot detox session?

During your detox session, you may feel a gentle tingling sensation. After the footbath, it is typical to feel relaxed and have heightened mental clarity and a greater sense of wellbeing. Some people find that they sleep better while others that are experiencing chronic joint and muscle pain report immediate relief.

What does the color change in the water mean?

The water in the basin changes to a brownish color due to a reaction between the array, salt, water, minerals, and impurities in the water. The colors are also affected by oils being released from the sebaceous glands, dead skin, and the user’s own acidity. Some of the neutralized toxins will also exit the body through the pores of the feet through osmosis. Particular colors may indicate accumulated toxins in certain areas or from certain conditions that the ionic detox is helping to clear. As everyone responds differently to the detox, a provided color chart describes what areas were most affected during your session.

What can I expect after my detox?

As the detox process can dehydrate the body, be sure to rehydrate after your appointment by drinking plenty of water. Staying well hydrated will also help the body flush out any unreleased toxins. This treatment can also temporarily lower the electrolytes in the body, so it is best to plan for some additional relaxation time immediately following your treatment.

Benefits of Foot Detox:

  • Purges heavy metals, toxins, and free radicals from the body
  • Balances the body’s pH
  • Reduces inflammation & swelling
  • Encourages normal blood sugar levels
  • Detoxifies & cleanses the liver and kidneys
  • Assists in weight loss
  • Stimulates & balances the immune system
  • Promotes relaxation & relieves stress
  • Improves heart health
  • Inactivates viruses, bacteria, yeast & fungus
  • Purifies the blood & lymphatic system

Reiki Energy Sessions

When the flow of the “Life Force Energy” (CHI or Qi) is disrupted, weakened or blocked, emotional or health problems tend to occur. Imbalances can be caused from many situations occurring in our lives. Reiki Energy provides a means to balance the human energy fields (Auras) and energy centers (Chakras) to create conditions needed for the body’s healing system to function.

The Reiki practitioner assists the client to heal themselves spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically by a simple laying-on of hands. The practitioner channels the energy through her hands, allowing it to flow where needed to bring the energy centers into alignment.  She  helps the client link to their own Qi to assist in the healing process, but ultimately it is up to the client to manifest harmony and balance in their own life.


Reiki Treatment $1.25/minute

Benefits of Reiki:

  •     Promotes harmony & balance
  •     Creates deep relaxation & helps the body ease stress and tension
  •     Dissolves energy blocks & promotes natural balance between mind, body, & spirit
  •     Assists the body in cleansing itself of toxins & supports the immune system
  •     Clears the mind & improves focus to help you feel grounded and centered
  •     Aids better sleep
  •     Accelerates the body’s self-healing ability
  •     Helps relieve pain & other physical symptoms
  •     Helps spiritual growth & emotional cleansing
  •     Complements medical treatment & other therapies

How should I prepare for my session?

Treatments take place on the massage table (fully clothed), so dress comfortably. Please remove any jewelry prior to your session. Also, be mindful of others and arrive free of heavy smoke and perfumes.

What can I expect from my Reiki session?

Your time on the table allows you to completely relax with the help of the practitioner. Because we are all so uniquely different, we never know what will come up in a session. Your thoughts, emotions, actions, and traumas both emotional and physical have the most powerful effect on your overall health no matter how insignificant they may seem. Stirring your senses while deeply relaxing, your sessions can help balance you on an emotional and physical level as they are both connected. Try to allow yourself some extra time at the closing of your session to process thoughts and emotions without being rushed.

Chakra Cleansing

The seven chakras are energy centers in the body that regulate all functions from organs to emotions. Located from the base of the spine to the crown of the head, the chakras are the keys to a healthy life. If one of the chakras is blocked, the flow of energy through the centers is stopped. This can cause feelings of disconnectedness, decreased motivation, and even depression. Left untreated, physical symptoms like headaches or stomach upset can occur. Cleansing the chakras will eliminate the blockage and facilitate the flow of energy.

What are chakras? Chakras Cleansing is offered at $60.

The Chakra system is an ancient way of viewing the body in which it is divided into seven zones, each area having energy that must flow freely. When the chakras are in balance the entire body works in harmony and we feel energized, centered and whole.

Each of the 7 chakras has a corresponding color, earth element, location in the body, relative body functions and an emotional purpose.

  • Root
  • Sacral or pelvic
  • Solar plexus
  • Heart
  • Throat
  • Third Eye
  • Crown

How is a chakra cleansing performed?

Chakra cleansing can be performed in a number of ways, including reiki and crystal cleansing. Reiki will gently open, realign, cleanse, and balance the energy flowing through the chakras. Crystals heal holistically by drawing out negative energy to positively impact your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels. Specific crystals and minerals are placed on or around the body relative to acupuncture points, meridians, or on chakras. Through their ability to hold and emit energy vibrations, crystals can absorb, focus, direct, and diffuse our energy fields to enable our bodies to rebalance to their natural energy rhythms.

Benefits of Balancing the Chakras

  • Improves Physical Health and Well-Being
  • Removes Negative Energy Stored in the Body
  • Instills Love and Joy in One’s Life
  • Allows You to Know Your Inner Self
  • Transforms Your Weakness into Your Strength
  • Gives Access to Financial Wisdom
  • Inspires You to Turn Dreams into Reality
  • Gives You Intuition
  • Allows You to Express and Release Emotions in a Healthy Manner


While you are under the LED Lights we have you laying in our Photon Bio-magnetic Amethyst Agate Mat:


  • Lie flat on the mat for a pleant comfortable & calming setting to rest, relax, revitalize, rehab, relieve stress, tiredness, over training, and blues feelings.
  • Releases Ions & Infrared deep impact heat.
  • Energy peaks at 6-12 microns to go 6 to 8 inches deep into your tissues.
  • Agates believed to heal wounds and provide blood and water with “magical healing powers”.
  • Red light rejuvenates & improves the look and appearance of skin.
  • REMF Restores healthy electrical & biomagnetic fields.
  • Improves Absentmindedness.
  • Helps alleviate brain fog and occasional sleeplessness.
  • Helps Maintain optimal body temperature.
  • Helps Maintain strength, immune system, metabolism, circulation, blodd sugar, weight.
  • Detoxifies
  • Manage back discomfort, joint, and muscle pain.
  • Helps maintain cholesterol levels.

LED Light

  • STIMULATE HAIR GROWTH – Stimulates stem cells in the hair follicle to encourage active growth.
  • IMPROVED SKIN HEALTH –  Generates production of collagent. Increased tissue repair. Reduction in appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and scars.
  • PROMOTE CELLULAR HEALTH – Stimulates collagen production. Strengthens hair and improves skin elasticity. Promotes connective tissue health.
  • IMPROVE CIRCULATION – Dilates blood vessels for increased flow. Protects red blood cells and platelets.
  • REDUCE RECOVERY TIME – Accelerates muscle repair. Stimulates mitochondria and stem cells for faster recovery.
  • REDUCE INFLAMMATION – Soothes sore muscles, joint pain, and arthritis.
  • Eases symptoms associated with autiimmune diseases, spinal cord and traumatic brain injuries.
  • INCREASE FERTILITY – Increases testosterone production. May stimulate the brain’s pineal gland.
  • REDUCE PAIN – Eases joint stiffness and soreness. Diminishes inflammation. 
  • Reduces muscle spasms and increases blood flow.

LED Light Starting at $30

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